"The Devilsh Amercain Number" is the Premire Episode of Season Ten.

The Devilsh Amercain number
Some attributes
First Realse Date:UnKnown
Second Locations Feturad: The Trio's House,Leacy City Elementry School,Leacy City High School,Mcdonalds In Gamer Gramer,The Disney House,The Houses
Third Songs Featured:"what Happened On 9/11" By Toonsmyth Tamico "Matrix Car Chase SoundTrack" By The Pepole Themeselves
Other attributes
Fourth Focusing On:The Roomates,The Harly Boys Joe And Fraank,Stan Marsh,Kyle Brosiki,And peter Frenklin


Toonsmyth Tamico Is Despret To Find The Cause Of 9/11.MeanWhile Stan Marsh,Kyle Brosikiki,and The Roomates try to find the real truth of 9/11.

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