The T&K-TV (TV Channel) Is a Channel That Started On /26/5/2015/ And Ended On /22/10/2015/.

Tv ShowsEdit

Started ON May-JuneEdit


  • Cooking Time (Chowder And Panni)
  • Funny Fun (Eric,Kyle,Stan,And Kenny)


  • The Dam Of Freedom (Danny And Carrie)
  • EveryThing Rules (Tobais And Banna Joe)

Started On July-AugustEdit


  • The Scientific Science Show (Anias,Susan,Mary,And Dexter)
  • Water Blast (Gumball,Darwin,Johnny,And Dukey)


  • Money Moneyers (ED,EDD,And EDDY)
  • The Very Cool Places (Rachel And Lesie)

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